The history of the activity of our family in the oil field, dates back to the early 1900s, when grandfather Angelo traded olive oils (at the time the receptacles consisted of leather skins).

In the 60s, it directly sipassa to the sale to final consumers, restaurants, canteens and other types of customers..

In 1977 the individual company Olearia Catapano Raffaele was born in a room of 150 square meters in the territory of Ottaviano, where olive and seed oils were made.
Later in 1981 the company expanded its space with the construction of a new factory of about 300 square meters used for bottling further extending the sale of its products.
In 1985 the Campania Olii S.A.S is constituted of which the same Catapano Raffaele is part with the sons Angelo and Antonio; a plant of about 1000 square meters is set up on a surface of 6000 square meters fully equipped with cutting – edge machinery for bottling and packaging of olive and seed oils in order to best satisfy its customers.
For company reasons, in 2009 the individual company Campania Alimenti was built, which sells its products to specific categories of customers, including:

  • The Industrie Conserviere
  • The Confectionery Industries
  • The Restaurant
  • The Catering
  • Final Consumers
  • Foreign Customers
  • Exporting Companies of Food Products