Productive Process

Supplier qualification

The oils we buy are supplied by companies on the market for many years that we know for their seriousness and goodness of the product supplied.

Purchase of oil

In anticipation of the purchase of oil, the company asks the supplier to send samples that are evaluated by organoleptic examination and chemical analysis carried out at external laboratories. Once the samples have been examined, proceed with the purchase.

Oil reception and quality control

The consignment of oil purchased is sent in steel tanker trucks and upon arrival, before the unloading, the driver is asked for a certificate of the tanker’s washing and the supplier’s analysis certificate. Subsequently, a sample is taken and taken to an external laboratory for chemical and organoleptic analysis.

Oil storage

The purchased oil is discharged into special underground tanks covered with food epoxy resin or in stainless steel silos, each containing the various types of oil.


The company has various machines for bottling and packaging its products in various formats (bottles, cans, drums) both in glass and in PET and tin cans.